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Rockies Win Wild Card After 13 Innings, Hugging It Out, Crowell Reps Dudewipes, Smith Covers Tattoo


The Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs toiled for 13 innings in an exciting win or go home National League wild-card game. For almost 5 hours (setting a record for the longest winner take all game in baseball history) the two teams battled it out until Rockies backup catcher Tony Walters hit the winning run. The oddest play of the game came in the 11th inning when the Rockies’ Nolan Arenado tagged out Javier Baez between second and third base, but instead of throwing the ball to first base and trying for a double play, Baez prevented him from doing so by giving him a hug. The Rockies advance to take on the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Division Series.


NY Jets running back Isaiah Crowell was chewed out by his coach and fined $13, 369 for his inappropriate touchdown celebration(wiping his rear with the football) in the Jets loss to the Cleveland Browns on September 20th. Even though Crowell said he was wrong, and it would never happen again, he looks as if he’s cashed in on the stunt. In an instagram post, Crowell showed off his new endorsement, dudewipes (a toilet paper substitute) and wrote, “Thanks to @dudewipes I am now covered. Never leave home without them!”


Cleveland Cavaliers JR Smith has agreed to cover up a tattoo he got in August of the clothing brand Supreme. The League does not allow players to advertise brands on the court. Smith claims he does not have an endorsement agreement with Supreme, so it’s not clear why he got the tattoo in the first place. His only response was, “It was just something that I wanted to do,”



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