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Red Sox Eliminate Yankees, Jon Gruden Dreading Traveling To London


The Boston Red Sox eliminated the Yankees in the American League Division Series Tuesday night. Boston was victorious against their bitter rivals on the Yankees home turf and added insult to injury by playing Frank Sinatra’s classic New York, New York after the win. Part of the reason for the extra torturous celebration was because of Yankees Aaron Judge playing the song last weekend after the Yankees took game 2 at Fenway Park. The Red Sox move on to play the Houston Astros in the ALCS.


The NFL has invested heavily in the UK since holding its first game in London in 2007 and has seen a significant increase in the fan base. According to reports, there are 13 million football fans in the UK.  For the next three weekends, a few NFL teams will be traveling overseas to play at London’s Wembley Stadium. The first of the games features the Oakland Raiders playing the Seattle Seahawks on October 14th.  Raiders coach Jon Gruden is dreading the trip. “I hope I can make it, honestly. I’m not great. I get claustrophobic. My son was a weightlifter and he won a powerlifting competition in Belarus. I had to fly 14 hours. I had to fly home 14 hours. I had vertigo for a month. I couldn’t even lay down, the house was spinning. I am hoping I don’t get vertigo. I’m not a great traveler. I’ll be honest with you, I hate it. I’m not good. I’m concerned. I’m more worried about that than our goal-line offense right now.”

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