AAF Debut, NFL’s Definition Of Catch, Dinosaurs Pets Of Big People, Greeny’s New Show “Get Up”


Alliance of American Football (AAF) will debut February 9th, 2019. The 8-league team will run for 10 weeks. According to co-founder Bill Polian, AAF will be a feeder to the NFL, as the games will take place during the NFL off-season. Troy Polamalu, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety and now head of the AAF’s player relations, said, “I think this will be complementary to the NFL.” AAF will look very different from a regular NFL game as the new League eliminated the kickoff and extra point, and the team scoring a touchdown will get the ball back.

The NFL announced a new definition of a catch. The new rule will clarify what has become a controversial issue in many games (including in this year’s Super Bowl). Slight movement of the football in a receiver’s hands will constitute a catch, and the “going to the ground” rule (where a player who has caught the ball and is falling to the ground will need to maintain control of the football while on the ground) will be eliminated.


Boston Celtics Guard, Kyrie Irving, had the sports world buzzing last year when he spoke about this “flat earth theory”, and now for some more wacky news, Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Jordan Clarkson claims dinosaurs existed but were the pets of bigger people. “So, I think it was bigger people in the world before us, and, like, the dinosaurs was their pets.”


For all ESPN “Mike and Mike” fans, April 2nd at 7;00 ET marks the long-awaited debut of Mike Greenberg’s new show. For a behind the scenes look at “Get Up”, featuring Greenberg, Michele Beadle and Jalen Rose, check out their new twitter account.


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