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DeRozan And Kevin Love Admit To Depression, Rockets Streak Continues, McCaffrey Saves Life


Last week Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan gave an interview about his mental health issues and how he has had to deal with bouts of depression. DeRozan’s admission influenced Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love to admit he had a panic attack during a game this season and now sees a therapist to deal with any issues that arise. His message to his colleagues and fans was, “So if you’re reading this and you’re having a hard time, no matter how big or small it seems to you, I want to remind you that you’re not weird or different for sharing what you’re going through. Just the opposite. It could be the most important thing you do. It was for me.”

The Houston Rockets streak continues with a win Tuesday night over the Oklahoma City Thunder, They’ve now recorded their 16th straight victory. This is the franchise’s longest streak since they won 22 games in the first quarter of 2008.


Carolina Panthers’ running back Christian McCaffrey (son of Denver legend Ed McCaffrey), his brothers and a friend are credited with saving a man’s life last weekend while hiking in Colorado. Dan Smoker Sr fell while hiking with his 13-year old grandson Eli. The McCaffrey group saw the fall and immediately rushed to the 72-year-old Smoker Sr. They called 911 and gave him chest compressions until paramedics survived. According to reports, Smoker Sr is in critical but stable condition, and according to the family, the McCaffrey’s saved his life.



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