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Jalen Hurts Pays Off Bet To Barkley In Style, Sherman To Be Released, Curry’s Ankle


Football season is over, but it’s never too late to pay off a bet. Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts recently paid off a well-known bet against former Auburn basketball star (the legendary Charles Barkley), but not without adding his own flair. Alabama lost the rivalry game against Auburn (known as the Iron Bowl), but went on to win every game the rest of the season including the National Championship. Watch the clip to see how Hurts had fun and paid off his bet at the same time.

Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks’ pro-bowl cornerback, expects to hear soon that he’s been released. Sherman turns 30 on March 30th and has been dealing with an injury to his Achilles. The Seahawks are the only team Sherman has played with in his 7 years in the NFL. There’s lots of speculation as to where he’ll end up.


The Golden State Warriors were cruising through the regular season with high hopes for the post-season. Now, with Steph Curry out with recurring ankle issues (the 4th injury since beginning of December), the team might not be so confident, especially looking at the Houston Rockets’ 17-game win-streak. The team doesn’t appear too concerned yet, however, as they have a history of their other superstars (Kevin Durant and Draymond Green) stepping up.




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