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March Madness Selection Sunday, Buffett Offering $1-$2 Million For Perfect Brackets


March Madness is almost here and selection day where all 68 college teams earn a bid is Sunday March 11th. The NCAA is changing up the format this year where they’ll announce all teams wishin the first 10 minutes then announce the brackets later. In the past the brackets and teams were announced together, but it took awhile for certain teams to know if they were in. Now with social media, the teams will be leaked anyway, so the NCAA figured they would mix it up this year.  According to the executive VP and chief content officer at Turner Sports, Craig Barry, “Our decision came down to, No. 1, getting the information out there as fast as possible. The second part was really to have an impact on the first segment. It’s been something we’ve been talking about since we began the partnership (in 2011).”

If you’re an employee of Berkshire Hathaway the NCAA tournament could be even more exciting. Warren Buffett is offering up $1 million and potentially $2 million for life if you have perfect pics. So this is how it works: If you pick a perfect Sweet 16 bracket, you’ll get the $1 million for life, and if you get all the way with a perfect bracket, you could win the $2 mill. According to the Washington Post stats, “Only 18 of the 18.8 million brackets completed on last year got the Sweet 16 correct, and no one made it to the end blemish-free”, so it’s long haul.


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