Tyreek Hill’s Dramatic Punt Return, Houston To Hire Kiffin


Tyreek HilWith a big win over the Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs are now tied with the Raiders in the AFC West. The most exciting part of the game came in the 2nd quarter when the Chiefs‘ Tyreek Hill lined up for a punt return, and the fans in the stadium started chanting his name. Hill responded dramatically with a 78 yard punt return. After the game, Hill said, “It was crazy, man. I didn’t know what to do, for real, except for give them what they want, I guess.” Chiefs 21, Raiders 13.

In college football, Alabama’s offensive coordinator, Lane Kiffin looks like he’ll be the University of Houston’s next head coach. Kiffin was head coach at USC then offensive coordinator at Alabama since 2014. Houston’s President still needs to sign off on hiring, but all signs point to Kiffin taking the job.

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