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Cavs Big 3 Not Playing In Memphis, Wake Forest Scandal


The Cleveland Cavaliers play the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, but don’t expect to see their three big stars, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.  After the Cavs beat the Grizzlies at home 103-86 on Tuesday, Coach Tyronn Lue announced his Big Three needed some rest and would not travel to Memphis for the game tonight. The players are taking a bit of heat for not joining the team and disappointing fans who bought tickets intending to see the stars, but LeBron fired back stating, “My coach wants me to rest. I don’t buck my coach.  I’ve been in this league 14 years. I shouldn’t have to explain me sitting out a game or not playing games.”


wake-forest-2Tommy Elrod, a former Wake Forest football player, football coach then radio announcer, is under investigation for providing game plans to the teams’ opponents.  Elrod was fired as a coach in 2013 then took a job as the University radio announcer, giving him access to the team’s game plans.  The University sent out a statement saying,  “Based on emails, text messages and phone records,  Elrod provided or attempted to provide confidential and proprietary game preparation on multiple occasions.” The university believes Elrod began to betray his alma mater back in 2014. It’s not clear if Elrod accepted money for the information he provided or if he was just bitter for his firing in 2013.

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