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Cam Newton Loses Cool; Christian McCaffrey Skip Bowl To Prepare For Draft


Panther’s QB Cam Newton lost his cool after another hit to the head during the Carolina’s win over the Washington Redskins Monday night. As Newton was sliding out of bounds Redskins defender Trent Murphy ran over him. When a penalty wasn’t called, Newton threw the football at Murphy’s head. Cam was immediately assessed a penalty which took the team out of field goal range. According to Cam, “I’ve got to be better than that. That just can’t happen on my part. I just have to let the referees do their job, and obviously, it was a questionable hit, but I can’t throw the ball at a person. That’s against the rules too.” Washington still lost the game and severely hurt its playoff hopes. Panthers 26, Redskins 15.

christian-mccaffrey-2Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey announced he will skip the Sun Bowl to focus on the NFL draft. McCaffrey led Stanford in rushing and receiving and should go high in the 2017 draft. Many people are discussing whether skipping the Bowl game is fair to the team and whether it sets up a bad precedent. On the other hand, if Christian plays in the bowl game and gets hurt, his star could drop significantly in the draft (which could mean a serious loss of money).  LSU’s Leonard Fournette (who has been injured all year long) will also be skipping his Bowl game. Many draft contenders are already preparing for the NFL Combine which can make or break a player’s prospects.

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