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Duke Player Receives Technical For 3rd Tripping, Mom Killed For Gloating, Odell Fined For Sager Cleats


grayson-allenDuke University basketball player Grayson Allen received a technical foul for tripping a player from Elon University. What’s so newsworthy about this incident is it’s his third time tripping an opponent.  If you watch the video it’s abundantly clear Allen tripped the player on purpose. Many are upset with Blue Devils Coach, Mike Krzyzewski for not suspending Allen for his unsportsmanlike actions.  He called the incident “unacceptable” but so far hasn’t taken any further disciplinary action.

Many are excited by the resurgence of the Dallas Cowboys this season, but in a very bizarre, sick and sad story, the exuberance went too far. On Sunday, a mom in Dallas was celebrating the Cowboys win over Tampa Bay when her stepson became upset over her “gloating” and fatally stabbed her.

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr feels there’s a double standard in how the NFL fines players. He was assessed a $18K fine for wearing colorful cleats (later auctioned for charity) honoring legendary Craig Sager. Odell claims he wasn’t asked to take the cleats off, he just got hit with the fine without warning.