Djokovic’s Opponent’s Keep Retiring, Brees Close To Extension, Manziel Back In School


Novac DjokovicNovak Djokovic’s opponent retired…again! For the third time in four matches, Djokovic did not play out a full match before his opponent, Tsonga, retired from a knee injury. #1 seed Djokovic has only played 9 total sets in the US Open.


It’s reported New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is really close to a contract extension. 37 year old Brees has one year left on his current contract and, even though he signed a whopping $100 million contract back in 2012, his average of $20 million a year is less than other QB’s of his caliber. The issue for the Saints seems to be Brees’ age and whether they can afford a long term contact on a QB who is almost 40 years old. The deadline for the Team is approaching as their season begins on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

Troubled former QB Johnny Manziel will not be playing in the NFL this year (or perhaps ever again considering his history on and off the field) so has decided to go back to College. He will be taking online courses at Texas A&M and is hoping to get a degree in recreation, parks and tourism sciences.

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