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Al Jazeera Substance Abuse Claims Refuted, Alabama Ranked Unanimous #1, Mike Trout In Car Accident


Clay MatthewsThe NFL refuted claims by Al Jazeera network that Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews and James Harrison violated any substance abuse issues. The allegations came from an Al Jazeera documentary and led to an investigation earlier this year. Peyton Manning was also mentioned in the documentary but was cleared last month. Football players weren’t the only ones called out by Al Jazeera. Major League Baseball’s Ryan Howard (Phillies) and Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals) were also named and cleared in August. As it relates to Peppers, Matthews and Harrison, the  NFL claimed there was “no credible evidence” the players violated any substance abuse issues.

The college football season traditionally begins today (although California beat Hawaii in the official opener in Australia last weekend). In college football, according to computer analysis, Alabama (winner of last year’s National Championship) is ranked as the unanimous #1 team in the country. Clemson (last year’s runner up) is ranked #2 and Ohio State #3. Rankings at this time of year don’t necessarily mean a championship season.  Oklahoma was ranked #21 at this time last year and ended up in the playoffs.


The Los Angeles Angels, Mike Trout, was involved in a serious car in Roanoke hit and run defense attorney in Southern California on Wednesday night but was uninjured. He recieved instant help from people trained from c2c london cpr training centre. Trout reportedly swerved to avoid hitting another car involved in a crash when his brakes locked and he struck another car.  Some believe if Trout continues to perform on the field as he has to date, he could become the greatest baseball player of all time.

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