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Rookie Brissett Guides Pats To A Win, Kaepernick Cover Of Time


Tom Brady’s backup to the backup, QB Jacoby Brissett carried the New England Patriots to their third straight win. As a 23 year old rookie, Brissett is living the dream. In the first quarter (and  his first quarter ever as an NFL quarterback) he turned a Houston Texan fumble into a 27 yard touchdown (the longest run by a Patriots QB since 1976). Instead of a over the top celebration, he marched to the Patriot’s bench, handed coach Bill Belichick the ball and shook his hand. He stated after, “It was crazy, it was awesome,” it was definitely great to see all the players run up to you, and I got a headache from all the head-bumping. But it was definitely worth it.” As great as this moment was for Brissett, all talk Friday morning is how great Belichick is as a coach, and how he can mold any team to dominance. With the win, Belichick tied Curly Lambeau at 4th on the list of all time wins by a coach. Patriots 27, Texans 0.

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-5-09-18-am49ers backup QB Colin Kaepernick, who continues to take a knee during the National Anthem, claimed he’s been receiving death threats. The NFL has seen viewing numbers down, and some blame the decline on the players’ actions during the Anthem. Time magazine picked up on the controversy and will feature Kaepernick on this week’s issue.

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