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NY Mets Sign Tim Tebow, Lochte Suspended 10 Months, Tiger Woods Is Back


metsThe New York Mets signed former QB Tim Tebow to a minor league contract. 29 year old Tebow played baseball in high school, and has claimed his dream was to be a quarterback and hit a baseball. Now that his football career is over, he is attempting to fulfill the second part of his dream. Best of luck to Tebow. Hope your dreams come true!



Olympic swimmer and 12 time Gold medal winner, Ryan Lochte, finally got his punishment for exaggerating getting held up at gunpoint in Rio. The Olympic Committee suspended Lochte for 10 months and won’t allow him to compete in the 2017 World Championships. Lochte won’t be completely bored, however, as he’ll be competing in this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”.


Tiger Woods says he’ll get back on the golf course to compete in the Safeway Open in October.  Woods, golf’s iconic superstar, has suffered back and hip injuries over the years and has had to pull out of many tournaments.  Woods stated:“It was difficult missing tournaments that are important to me, but this time I was smart about my recovery and didn’t rush it. It was great spending time with my children Sam and Charlie, and also working on a lot of projects including golf-course design, the upcoming 20th anniversary of my foundation and my book about the 1997 Masters. But I missed competing. I want to thank all the fans for their kindness and concern. I’ve been a pro about 20 years, and their support has never waned.”


The NFL season officially begins tonight with the Carolina Panthers at the Denver Broncos!!!

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