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Warriors Win With Strong 4th Q, Heat Win In OT


The Golden State Warriors know how to win games. Until midway through the 4th quarter, the Warriors were trailing the Portland Trailblazers but to no one’s surprise, they came back strong with an easy 22 points and won by 11. The Warriors are now 2-0 in the second round and looking strong even without an injured Steph Curry. Warriors 110, Trailblazers 99.

In other playoff news, in game one of round 2, the Miami Heat barreled through to win on the road against the Toronto Raptors. After Toronto’s Kyle Lowry launched a half court shot to force an overtime, the Heat regrouped and with inspiring words from Chris Bosh (who wasn’t playing due to an injury), they came out strong. Heat point guard, Goran Dragic said about Bosh, “C.B. was huge in that timeout, When [Lowry] hit that shot, most other teams would think it’s over. We didn’t. We kind of [flipped] the switch and tried to make something positive from that. [Bosh] said, ‘OK, it’s our first game. We’re playing in a hostile environment. We still have five minutes to go, and we’re in a good position.’ ” Miami 102, Toronto 96.


Star WarsHappy May 4th!

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