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Warriors In Western Conf Finals, Silver Missed Curry Handshake, Raptors 3-2, Serena Williams Eats Dog Food


The Golden State Warriors are back in the Western Conference Finals with their win over a competitive Portland Trailblazers in game 5.  Steph Curry and fellow Splash brother Klay Thompson had a impressive night scoring but the talk in the sports world was NBA Commissioner Adam Silver presenting Curry with his unanimous MVP trophy. Curry went in for a handshake and Silver missed the cue, leaving Curry hanging. Curry awkwardly (but adorably) danced off the unintentional snub. After the game, Silver made up for the mistake and gave Curry a proper dap. Warriors 125, Trailblazers 121.

In other playoff news, the Toronto Raptors took a lead in the Eastern Conference Semi-finals with a game 5 win over the Miami Heat. Raptors 99, Heat 91.


Tennis superstar Serena Williams posted her whole eating dog foot experience on snapchat. While in Rome before a match, Williams decided to eat a spoonful of the salmon and rice dog food she ordered on her special doggie room service menu. After getting sick, she issued a warning to anyone else thinking of eating dog food…don’t!


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