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OKC Win Over Spurs In Controversy, Cavs Grab Game 1 Agst Hawks, Space Jam 2 Director


The Oklahoma City Thunder came back from an embarrassing loss over the weekend and were able to turn the tables on the San Antonio Spurs. Unlike the Spurs’ domination in game 1, the Thunder won by only one point, and it came mired in some controversy. Refs missed a blatant offensive penalty when a Thunder player used his elbows to clear away a Spur player in the final 13 seconds. The play didn’t result in any points, but had the play been called, the Spurs would have had an uncontested chance to take back the game, or at least tie it. The Spurs’ coach left the court in a rage, and the refs has since come out and admitted their mistake. The foul was not visible to them on the court, they argue, only in retrospect, while watching footage of the game. The teams are now 1-1 in Round 2. Oklahoma City 98, San Antonio 97.

The Cleveland Cavaliers recorded a Round 2 win over the Atlantic Hawks in the first game of the series. The game was fairly close, and it was four-time NBA MVP LeBron James who held the team together, pushing back against a hungry Atlantic team through the very end. Lebron ended up scoring 25 points, 11-for-21 on the night. Kyrie Irving had 21 points. Cleveland 104, Atlanta 93.

Space JamSpeaking of Lebron, there has been a rumor for months he will star in Space Jam 2. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny starred in the original Warner Brothers movie. It’s been reported the Fast and Furious Director, Justin Lin, is in talks to direct the sequel.

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