Colts Worst Play, Manziel’s Spat With Girlfriend, Toronto Wins One, Louisville Escort Parties


 In the NFL, all anyone was talking about on Monday was the atrocious special teams play the Indianapolis Colts tried to run against New England.  You have to see it for yourself:

Some are calling it the worst play in NFL history.  It seemed clear they were going to get destroyed, so why did they snap the ball?  Indy Head coach Chuck Pagano, whose job was on the line going into this game, said he stands by the play.  Not exactly the best move when both the GM and the owner want to fire you.

In other NFL news, the police released footage of Johnny Manziel’s spat with his girlfriend.  They were in such a heated argument that the police had to intervene.  Apparently there was no physical violence, but Manziel threw the girlfriend’s phone out the window.


The ALCS was back in action. The Toronto Blue Jays needed a win to stay alive in this series against the Kansas City Royals.  The game was a slug fest, with both teams hitting with ease.  In the end, Toronto’s bats were just a little stronger, and they got what they needed to grab a win.  They now trail 2-1 in the series, and hope to build off this momentum.  Toronto 11, Kansas City 8.


Breaking Cardinal RulesTrending in the news is the story of sex parties at Louisville for basketball recruits. Katina Powell, who describes herself as the “Louisville escort” alleged in her recently published book, “Breaking Carinal Rules”, former director of basketball operations, Andre McGee paid her to provide escorts and strippers for players and recruits. The big question is whether or not coach Rick Pitino knew about these on-campus sex parties.


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