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Cardinals And Blue Jays Clinch Titles, Rose Back In 2 Weeks


St Louis CardinalsThe St. Louis Cardinals have won their 3rd straight NL Central title.  The Cardinals have been a force in the past post-seasons.  Even though they don’t have marketable stars, they have superstar level talent that other teams fear.   St. Louis 11, Pittsburgh 1.

The Toronto Blue Jays haven’t seen the playoffs in quite a long time.  This season, however, they have been stock piling talent, especially at the trade deadline, and seem to be on course to get to the World Series.  They clinched their first AL East title since 1993 by slaughtering the Orioles.  Toronto 15, Baltimore 2.


In an update on the Derrick Rose story:  he underwent surgery and will apparently be back in 2 weeks.  The Bulls are optimistic they will have a relatively healthy Rose this season to help them compete with an Eastern Conference that gets a bit better every year.  Cleveland is the team to beat, but unlike last year, the competition to make the playoffs is much stiffer.

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