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Astros Easy Victory Over Yankees, CC Sabathia Checks Into Rehab, Draft Kings Under Scrutiny


The American League Wild Card match-up between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees took place Tuesday night.  The winner of the game would take on the Kansas City Royals in a 5-game series.  The Astros looked sharp, and thanks to a stellar pitching job from their ace Dallas Keuchel, they cruised to an easy victory against the Yankees on the road. The Astros haven’t been to the World Series in a decade so the fans were excited to get to the next hurdle.  Houston 3, NY Yankees 0.

Elsewhere in baseball, Yankees ace pitcher CC Sabathia had to check into rehab for alcohol abuse.  He called his manager and said “I need help”.  Many saw the warning signs about Sabathia’s alcohol abuse in Baltimore last week when the Orioles/Yankees game was rained out.  Sabathia was stumbling around and seen offering a small cup with brown liquid to a teammate saying “Take a sip”.


Draft KingsThe big story in the sports world is the controversy surrounding the Daily Fantasy Sports betting.  An employee for Draft Kings won $350,000 on Fan Duel.  Until now, employees for these companies were permitted to play Daily Fantasy.  But, since fantasy sports are legal, this felt like a form of “Insider Trading”, in which the Draft Kings’ employee was privy to insider statistical information (e.g. the ownership of certain players in tournaments that the casual fan wouldn’t know about), and thus had a big advantage over the regular players.  There was no proof that this employee had access to confidential information, but it’s not good news for an industry that already has a less than stellar reputation.

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