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In the NFL, with Round 1 of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, there’s been a lot of suspense about who would be the #1 overall pick:  Stanford’s Andrew Luck or Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  For a long time, everyone thought the #1 pick was going to be Luck, but then there were rumors that the Colts might actually take RG3.  This is a big deal because (A) there’s high bragging rights for being the #1 overall pick, and (B) because the #1 guy makes more money than the #2 guy.  But yesterday, the Colts officially announced that they would be taking… Andrew Luck with the #1 pick.  Luck will be the heir apparent to Peyton Manning, and it’s almost a certainty that Robert Griffin III will be the new face of the Washington Redskins for the foreseeable future.  Both of these teams will be very fun to watch next season.

And in college football, we may be moving closer to actually getting a playoff for the National Championship.  Many thought having a playoff would be impossible given all the money that’s wrapped up in the bowl games.  After all, it took forever just to get an official National Championship between #1 and #2.  But now there’s a proposal in place that calls for a semifinal game played on a neutral field.  This way, the Top 4 teams in the nation would get a chance to prove that they are in fact the best team.  An actual Final Four for college football.  There was a plan in place that suggested that the semifinal game be played at the home field of the better team, but that plan wouldn’t work because of stadium size.  For example, if Boise State finished #2 in the nation, you couldn’t expect fans from, say, Ohio State to come out and try to cram into that small stadium.  And there definitely wouldn’t be enough hotels to accommodate all the visitors.  This change wouldn’t take place until the 2014 season, but it’s hard to believe that the committee would go this public about a plan and then withdraw it.


The Texas Rangers  investment in superstar pitcher Yu Darvish is finally starting to really pay off.  Yesterday versus the Yankees, Darvish was simply dominant.  He pitched all the way into the ninth inning, and struck out 10 batters in a shutout.  If he can do that to one of the league’s best offensive line-ups, you have to assume that he won’t have much of a problem with the rest of the league.  Darvish is now 3-0, and getting better with each start.  A few more of these games, and we have to start having some serious discussions about how good this guy actually is.  This may truly be the beginning of a very special pitching career.  Texas 2, NY Yankees 0.

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