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In the NBA, there is no hotter team right now than the Boston Celtics.  They got off to a horrid start this season, but lately they have been nearly impossible to beat.  This all started when they took on the Heat about 10 days ago and truly crushed them.  So how would the Celtics fare when they visited the Heat in Miami?  Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett came ready to play!  And they were prepared to play at the pace the Heat like best:  FAST.  Paul Pierce led all scorers with 27 points, and Rondo had another remarkable night putting up 18 points and 15 assists.  If the Celtics can go into Miami and beat up on them up like this, you have to start asking questions about the Heat.  Boston 115, Miami 107.


Elsewhere in college football, some major drama out of Arkansas.  The past few seasons, Arkansas has been one of the top teams in the nation.  In the last 2 years alone, they have gone to a major BCS Bowl — even winning last year.  Much of this is due to the successful coaching of Bobby Petrino.  But, this weekend, Petrino got in some major trouble.  He got into a motorcycle accident, got hurt pretty badly (but nothing serious) and told the athletic director that he was alone.  But… this wasn’t the case, as it appeared Petrino was with a 20-something girl from the athletic department.  They were having an affair.  So even though the Razorbacks have had great success under Petrino, they have decided to part ways with their head coach.  The fans support it, but, at the same time, are wondering how they’re still going to be a top team.


Finally, in baseball, after the Miami Marlins brought in Ozzie Guillen as manager to their new team, taking the risk that he is a bit of a loudmouth, they are immediately regretting it.  A few days ago, Guillen said to the media that he “admired Fidel Castro”.  Saying that you admire a dictator who has ruined the lives of many people is not the best PR move.  So, yesterday, he held a press conference to apologize to the Latinos in the community.  After all, they were planning a boycott of the Marlins, even going so far as to tear up season tickets.  In other words, the Cuban and mostly Latin community, are truly furious with Guillen.  This is a PR nightmare, and even though Guillen apologized, this may be irreparable.  Guillen was suspended for 5 games, but they might have to let this guy go.

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