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In the NFL, more drama from the New Orleans Saints.  They recently suspended their head coach Sean Payton for the season for allowing defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to encourage bounties on opposing players.  Basically, they would get paid for taking out players with injuries.  Now audio recordings have emerged with PROOF.  Williams can be heard telling his team prior to a playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers to lay vicious hits on their opponents.  And he’s specific, saying things like, “We’ll see if Michael Crabtree is a prima donna or tough after we attack his ACL”.  Williams followed this up saying that the Saints should never have to apologize for how they can compete.  And with the NFL trying to crackdown on concussions and injuries, it’s likely that Williams punishment will be severe.  Most likely he will be expelled from the league.


Elsewhere in the NBA, there is some major conflict brewing in Orlando.  After the Magic were fortunate enough to keep Dwight Howard, he is now starting to be vocal about what he wants in Orlando.  And it looks like he wants coach Stan Van Gundy fired.  Howard never said this to the media, but sources close to the organization say that Howard wants Van Gundy out.  But Van Gundy said to the media yesterday that he doesn’t care whether or not he will be fired — that he’s just worried about one thing and one thing only:  His next opponent.  Van Gundy said he’s focused on stopping Carmelo Anthony in the next game, not if he’s got a job the next day.  And in this same press conference, Dwight Howard actually came out to the media saying that they are focused on one thing:  winning.  We’ll see how this progresses, but Van Gundy’s days may be limited in Orlando.


And in golf, get ready for a great weekend of arguably the biggest majors tournament:  The Masters.  This is the one that they all want because of the coveted prize at the end:  the famous green jacket.  It’s an exclusive club that every golfer (both amateur and professional) dream of wearing.  This year, Tiger Woods started out well, but eventually tinkered off in Day 1.  He’s now sitting at Even.  Not a great start for Tiger, but he could make a comeback.  Lee Westwood, an unsuspecting #1 is sitting on top after Day 1.  But, Louis Oosthuizen and Peter Hanson are sitting in the #2 spot just one stroke behind.  It’s going to be a fantastic weekend of golf with some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see on TV.  Worth watching.

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