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In the NBA, the Knicks have been red hot lately, as they’re trying to hold on to the #8 seed in the playoffs.  Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden they were faced with the equally scorching Boston Celtics.  The Celtics got one heck of a night from Paul Pierce — he posted a whopping 43 POINTS!!!  But who would have thought that would be the second best performance of the game, as Carmelo Anthony just exploded for an insane triple double.  35 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists.  The Knicks even got great bench support from J.R. Smith and Steve Novak, each of them scoring 25 points.  With the win, the Knicks stay in the 8-spot, which actually oddly gives them a favorable match-up against the Bulls in round 1.  NY Knicks 118, Boston 110.

Elsewhere in the NBA, Derrick Rose is one of the hottest young stars in the league.  A future Hall-Of-Famer for sure.  But Derrick Rose came out lately saying he was very uneasy with fame.  He’s easily the biggest celebrity in Chicago, but Derrick Rose has a very subdued personality and very uncomfortable with the limelight.  He says the better he plays, the more attention he gets, and that’s very tough to deal with.   Rose added that he’s never alone, that he always has to have someone with him for a semblance of protection, and that he cherishes his days alone.  But Rose also says that he doesn’t really go out at night — that it seems like every place he wants to go is marked as unsafe.  Fame can definitely be a curse.


The Denver Broncos have a new look, and a new attitude with Peyton at the helm.  When reporters asked wide receiver Demaryius Thomas if he was bummed about Tim Tebow’s departure, he said not really.  Thomas added that all people remember is that amazing pass Tebow threw to beat the Steelers in overtime, but nobody remembers the rest of the quarters and games where Tebow could barely connect on a pass.  Having Peyton running the ship is going to be a lot more fun for Thomas.  So which team did the NFL give the Broncos on opening day?  None other than a rematch against the Steelers.  This will be a fantastic first test for Manning.

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