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The major story out of the sports world yesterday was clearly from the NFL.  It looks like Peyton Manning has chosen his new team.  When this search started, many thought either Miami or Arizona — two teams clamoring for a quarterback that would love Peyton’s services.  But he declined.  Then the Seahawks got into the fray, hoping that Peyton could get them over the hump and back to being a good team.  But… he declined.  And late last week, everybody was convinced that Peyton was going to the Titans, so he could be back in the state that loved him Tennessee (where he gloriously played his college ball at the Univ. of Tennessee).  But… he declined.  So where did he pick?  A strange winner:  The Denver Broncos.  John Elway wanted him there, and the Broncos have some pieces on offense and a solid defense to provide a good bed for Peyton.  A few solid offensive draft picks could give him the weapons he needs to truly thrive.  And that brings up a BIG question.

What about Tim Tebow?  Tebowmania was all the rage for Denver last season.  Tebow was the number one selling jersey last year by far.  His faith-based personality made him the darling of the NFL — especially those in the south.  But with Peyton Manning coming to lead the ship, it’s extremely probably that Tebow is going to be sent sailing.  Bottom line is even though Tebow is extremely popular, he’s just not a great pro quarterback.  He’s not likely the guy to build a team around.  On the trading block, Tebow won’t have much value, except for maybe a box office draw and a team trying to get people to the stadium (i.e the Jacksonville Jaguars) might start putting on that show.  Tebow could go back close to his Florida faithful and get all the praise and attention lavished on him.  We’ll see how this all pans out.

Meanwhile, in Miami, the Dolphins have taken at least a subtle measure to try and  find a quarterback, inking former long-time Jaguars quarterback David Garrard to a one-year deal.  It’s likely that Garrard isn’t their BIG PLAN, but putting him on a one-year deal is incentive enough for him to try and make things happen.  Plus, if the Dolphins draft a rookie quarterback, Garrard could start the season for them, then hand things over to the rookie.  Then again, maybe Miami will bring Tebow to town and just roll the dice that maybe, just maybe, he’s got what it takes.

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