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In the NFL, sources say that Peyton Manning will make his decision on his new team within a week.  This makes sense, as the quarterback position requires a lot of time, preparation, and practice to learn an offense.  Manning doesn’t have time to sit around and think about it.  He needs to get to work.  Apparently, about 12 teams have reached out to Manning including the Chiefs, Seahawks, Dolphins, Jets, Redskins, and even the Denver Broncos (where he would replace the wildly popular Tim Tebow).  Then again, having Manning would excite Denver just the same time.  The Jets are the most playoff ready team, but they might not want to bench Mark Sanchez.  It’s also been rumored that Manning said he wants to stay in the AFC — this is primarily because he has become, over the years,  accustomed to many of the defenses the teams run.  This is going to be fun!


Elsewhere, in the NBA, all the talk over the last 5 weeks has been around Dwight Howard getting traded.  Where will he go?  What will the Magic get in return?  Yesterday, Derrick Rose came out and said publicly that he is sick and tired of hearing about Howard trade talks.  There has been many trade rumors saying that Howard might go to Chicago, and articles about how Howard would feel about playing second fiddle to Rose.  But Rose has said that he doesn’t wanna hear it — that Chicago is a GREAT city, and they’d welcome him if he came, but if he’s not gonna come, then just be done with it.  Plus, Rose said, they’re already  have a good team with a winning record, they don’t NEED to switch it all up.


Finally, in baseball, long-time Red Sock Jonathan Papelbon recently switched to the National League — the Philadelphia Phillies. And yesterday, on a radio show, Papelbon said that he thought Philly fans were smarter than Red Sox fans.  Papelbon said he thought they knew the game better because fans in the National League have a better sense of the strategy of the game because of having to factor in the pitcher as a batter.  He said, in Boston, fans just wanted you to win at all costs.  If you did, they loved you, if you didn’t, they wanted you OUT.  Papelbon said that motivated him, but he’s enjoying that fans are more understanding of mistakes in Philly — they see the whole picture.

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