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In the NFL, since Peyton Manning has visited and expressed interest in the Denver Broncos, John Elway, one of the team’s top executives, said that if they go with Manning (and if Manning chooses them) then they would possibly trade Tim Tebow.  Tebow was key in giving the Broncos record-setting attendance and huge TV ratings, but he was still criticized as a quarterback and really failed against the New England Patriots.  If the Broncos DO have a chance to get Manning, they are not afraid to let go of ‘Tebowmania’.  After all, Tebowmania was largely due to Tebow’s lucky streak of remarkable 4th quarter comebacks.   They are ready to let another team take his thunder, and allow Manning to try and lead them deep into the playoffs.


And, in the last day of the conference championships in college basketball, a major shocker was when #1 Kentucky took on Vanderbilt in the SEC championship.  Everyone thought Kentucky would run away with this one, but the unranked Commodores came to play! This was their shot to get into the tournament, and they were going to take it.  Jeffrey Taylor scored 18 points for Vanderbilt, and John Jenkins added another 17 as Vandy did what they needed to do to win.  Kentucky will still nab a #1 seed in the tourney (and will be heavily favored), but Vandy will be there too.  Vandy 71, Kentucky 64.

Finally, speaking of the NCAA Tournament, get your pencils ready because the tournament brackets were just released.  The #1 seeds: Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, and Michigan State.  That’s the type of classic field of powerhouse number 1 seeds that we’re used to seeing.  Each one of them has a shot to win it all.  At the #2 seeds:  Duke, Missouri, Ohio State, and Kansas.  Again, the big names are back to the top of the seeding.  HOWEVER, this year more than many in year’s past has a lot of mid-major teams that can flat out play and definitely could beat THE BIG GUYS on any given day.  The most stunning evidence of the improved quality of mid-major teams is Butler making the NCAA Championship 2 years in a row.  Unfortunately, Butler didn’t make the tournament this year and won’t have a chance to go for the 3-peat (or even finally win).  It will be a tough tournament to predict, but that’s what makes it so fun.  March Madness starts Tuesday with the play-in games.

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