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Next up on the Peyton Manning tour:  The Miami Dolphins.  After meeting with Denver and Arizona, Peyton is seeing if he should make the sunny city his home.  After all, LeBron James said in a post-game interview that he would love if Peyton Manning came to town (reminiscent of when other teams courted LeBron using their city’s other stars).  While Miami could sorely use Peyton’s talents, they most likely don’t have enough talent around him.  They’re primarily a running team with Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas, but their receivers, aside from Brandon Marshall, are pretty lackluster.  Most likely, Peyton won’t choose Miami, although they would fulfill his requirement of remaining in the AFC.

Elsewhere in the NFL, another free agent has miraculously found a home.  Everyone thought Randy Moss was completely done.  He excelled in New England, floundered in Minnesota, and then found himself out of the league.  Not even New England wanted to give him another chance, even though they really could have used him last year.  So Randy Moss went looking for any team that wanted his services, and one quality team came calling:  The San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers were one overtime win away from the Super Bowl last year, and they did that without having ANY quality wide receivers.  Michael Crabtree was their only deep threat, as quarterback Alex Smith mostly relied on his tight-end Vernon Davis.  By adding Randy Moss, the 49ers will now have the occasional down field threat that will stifle the defense.  They don’t even have to throw to him, just him being in the game will keep defensive coordinators guessing.  This was the right move by the Niners organization.


Finally, in women’s college basketball, the NCAA Tournament field was released, and, no surprise, the Baylor Bears got a #1 seed.  Baylor is undefeated this year, having their best season ever.  This is largely due to their 6’8 center Britney Griner.  This girl is simply amazing, and could be one of the best pro players of all time as well.  Baylor’s goal this season is simple:  Win the National Championship.  It doesn’t matter if you’re undefeated if you don’t win it all.  But you can bet that UConn, Stanford, and Notre Dame, the other #1 seeds, are ready to stand in Baylor’s way.

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