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In the NBA, it was Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls.  The Heat led 3-1 in the series, and almost everyone has them penciled in to play Dallas in the Finals.  But knocking out the Bulls isn’t exactly an easy task.  Derrick Rose and the Bulls came out ready to defend their turf.  They led at the half AND at the end of the 3rd quarter.  Then, they started to run away with things in the 4th quarter.  Rose had a terrific night with 25 points and 8 assists and it looked like Miami would get the chance to close out the series on their home floor.  Except… the game wasn’t over yet.  The Bulls had a 12 point lead with 4 minutes to go, but then they just self-combusted.  They couldn’t buy a basket, and LeBron and Wade caught fire from the other end. They couldn’t miss.  Down 7, Wade hit a 3-pointer and was fouled by Rose.  That’s a 4 point play to put them within 3.  The Bulls couldn’t convert, and LeBron hit a clutch 3 to tie the game.  The Bulls couldn’t convert again, and LeBron hit a jumper to give them the lead.  Suddenly, the Bulls went from planning for Game 6 to being down by 3 with 12 seconds to go.  And they couldn’t get a decent shot off.  Rose had to hurl up a prayer that came nowhere close to the hoop and the Miami Heat punched their ticket to the NBA Finals.  This off-season, the Bulls need to get Rose some serious offensive help.  They need a second weapon.  Miami 83, Chicago 80.


In baseball, the San Francisco Giants suffered a major blow to their 2011 campaign to repeat as World Series champions.  In a game against the Florida Marlins, Florida’s Scott Cousins, who has a reputation for slamming into catcher’s at home plate, decided to give it a go against Posey. Cousins won that battle as Posey was seriously hurt.  It turns out that Buster Posey broke his leg and will most likely be out for the season.  This has prompted an outcry from the baseball community that it’s time to start protecting the catcher’s better.  That might be better equipment or even creating a ruling that outlaws such violent blows.  For the Giants, this is a a major setback, and if their lucky enough to get Posey back, he’s such a good hitter, that they may move him to a safer position for the remainder of his career.  Probably right field.


Finally, in college football, some very bad news for the University of Southern California.  They had appealed to the NCAA over recruiting violations they incurred last year.  But, the NCAA has ruled that they did seriously violate recruiting regulations and the punishment will persist.  So what’s the specific punishment? They had to forfeit any post season play last year, and this year they are banned from playing in a bowl game or the Pac 12 title game.  And if you thought that was bad, get this, they will lose 30 scholarships over the next 3 years.  That means that they won’t be able to recruit the best in the country (as they typically do) and you could see some very bad seasons for USC over the past 5 years.  Many think this is specifically to torture Lane Kiffin, who the NCAA feels was responsible for a strong portion of this when he was an assistant coach in the middle of the decade.   The man who got away… Pete Carroll, who was guilty of these violations as well, but jumped ship for the NFL just in time.  He cashed out at his highest value.

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