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For Kentucky Derby trivia, watch Betsy on the Today Show:


In the NBA, before the game, commissioner David Stern officially presented Derrick Rose with the MVP trophy.  It was a very special night for Chicago, as their last MVP player came in the form of the best player of all time:  Michael Jordan.  Rose held up the trophy and dedicated to the city of Chicago.  Classy move.  But, remember, the Bulls trailed the Hawks 0-1 in the series, and you don’t want to accept too many accolades before you have to go out there and perform.

This time around, the Bulls were ready for the Hawks.  The thing about this Hawks team is that if you can get up by more than 7, the Hawks have a very tough time coming back.  They don’t exactly have that comeback spirit.  But, if they’re leading by 7, YOU will have a hard time catching up, because they definitely know how to score.  The Bulls controlled this game in the second half, knowing that losing Game 2 on their home court wasn’t an option.  Joakim Noah had a tenacious night for the Bulls with 19 points and 14 rebounds.  For the Hawks, however, they may have found their point-guard of the future in Jeff Teague (the former Wake Forest star).  Teague had 21 points of his own filling in for starting point-guard Kirk Heinrich.  Sure, Atlanta lost the game, but they are still jelling, and having Teague at point might be the way to go for Game 3.  Plus, the Hawks are very tough to beat at home (The Highlight Center)  Chicago 86, Atlanta 73.

Then, it was Game 2 between the LA Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks.  This was an absolute must win for the Lakers on their home court.  They did not want to go down 0-2 and head to Dallas.  Unfortunately, the Lakers just do not seem to be fusing together right now.  Kobe is out there trying hard, but his supporting cast just isn’t getting it done.  Plus, the Mavs look like they’re on a mission.  They have Dirk Nowitzki in his prime, Jason Kidd in what is probably his last good year, a healthy Shawn Marion, and a stout big man in the middle:  Tyson Chandler.  They have a championship nucleus and they have no intention of blowing it.  Last night, they embarrassed the Lakers in Staples Center.  Nowitzki had 24 points and proved that he is possibly one of the toughest guys to guard in NBA history.  Can Kobe and the Lakeshow pull it together, or have we basically seen the end of this dynasty, and should probably assume that Kobe won’t get that 6th ring.  Dallas 93, LA Lakers 81.


Finally, it looks like the Washington Capitals will have to do it all over again.  They finished with the top seed in the East, after another fantastic season.  But, the Tampa Bay Lightning just turned it on in the post-season, just won Game 4, and swept the top-seeded Capitals.  Sean Bergenheim had 2 goals for the Lightning and this win puts Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Finals.  For the Caps, perhaps it’s better if they enter the playoffs next year as a #6 seed or below.  They work better as an underdog.  Tampa Bay 5, Washington 3.