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In the NBA, it was the debut of the other two second round games, but first a funny story.

First up, the #1 Chicago Bulls facing the #8 Atlanta Hawks.  Everyone usually likes to write-off Atlanta as more of a place-holder playoff team (i.e. the obligatory team that is good enough in the regular season to nab the #5 seed, but poses no real threat).   The Hawks are aware of their reputation, and this year… they’re doing something about it.  They beat up the Magic in Round 1, and more notably, Magic point-guard Jameer Nelson.  Why?  On April 10th, Jameer Nelson was spotted saying to Bulls point guard Derrick Rose “See you in the second round”.  Nelson assumed they would coast by the Hawks in the first round.  Hawks star Joe Johnson said, “They never talk about the Hawks. They talk about Orlando, Chicago, Boston and Miami. We’re always sneaking under the radar.”  He’s right, so the Atlanta organization left Jameer Nelson two tickets so he could indeed see Derrick Rose in the second round.

In the game, the Hawks brought their same winning energy to Chicago.  From the beginning, the Hawks came soaring in.  Joe Johnson absolutely lit it up for the Hawks, finishing the night with 34 points.  The Bulls did make a comeback, as the newly named MVP of the NBA Derrick Rose got hot in the second half, putting up 24 points.   But the Hawks just pulled away and the Bulls couldn’t catch them.  Typically, if the Hawks have a comfortable lead, they will keep it.  You have to have a commanding lead going into the 4th quarter to beat them.  And, at the end, not only were the Hawks on top, but Derrick Rose apparently re-injured his ankle.  Bulls fans better pray he’s ok to go to the next game.  Atlanta 103, Chicago 95.

Next up, Game 1 between the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Lakeshow are finding their groove now, and appear to be in playoff form.  But, the Mavs have no intention of an early exit this year.  They truly think they can win this Western Conference, and won’t be scared by those golden Lakers uniforms.  The Lakers basically controlled the game throughout.  Kobe had another phenomenal night with 36 points, but, the the end, the Mavs came surging back and found themselves with a chance to win it.  They sent Dirk Nowitzki to the line with just a few seconds left and he put them up by 2.  So, with 3 seconds left, you knew the ball was going to Kobe.  He got it off a screen, spotted up from 3, and… NO GOOD!  Wow, everybody in there thought it was going in, but no luck this time around, and the Mavs take a 1-0 lead in the series.  Dallas 96, LA Lakers 94.

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