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Two key games on the docket last night.

First up, it was Game 5 between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, and this… was an elimination game.  You could be sure that the Celtics wouldn’t go down without a serious fight.  A team as experienced as the Celtics does not go quietly in a do-or-die situation.  The Celtics got out to a lead and kept it for a decent amount of the game.  They even held the lead with just a few minutes left in the game.  But then, LeBron James took the battle into his own hands.  The game was just a one point contest, but then LeBron scored the last 10 points of the game to crush the Celtics in the final two minutes.  LeBron finished with 33, Wade with 34, and the Miami Heat advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  As of now, they have no opponent, although Chicago is one game away from closing out.  But right now, Miami looks like they could smother anyone. They are on a mission!  As for Boston, they will most likely have to add some young talent to the mix next year if they want to compete.  Miami 97, Boston 87.

Then — a pivotal Game 5 between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  And remember, these teams are coming off a triple-overtime battle.  They’re definitely tired, and it’s been a grueling battle thus far.  Fortunately for the Thunder, they’re playing off the momentum from a win AND in front of their supercharged home crowd.  The game was a rugged war in the first half, but then the wheels just came off for the Grizzlies.  They had some ugly turnovers and just couldn’t hit a shot in the second half.  Then it turned into a massacre, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook slamming the ball left and right.  Durant finished with 19 points to lead the Thunder, and now the series heads back to Memphis for a win-or-STAY-home Game 6.  You have to hope the Grizzlies can do it and earn the Game 7 that everybody wants to see.  OKC 99, Memphis 72.

Finally, in some sad news, former Michigan Wolverine college basketball star Robert “Tractor” Traylor was found dead in his house yesterday.  Traylor is famous for being the sole bright spot in the Michigan basketball program a few years after the FAB 5 era.  He was a huge power forward that gave defenses fits.  He was drafted in 1998 to the  Dallas Mavericks, but they quickly traded him to the Milwaukee Bucks for some German prospect named Dirk Nowitzki.  Clearly, Dallas is currently happy about that trade, but the Bucks organization said they are saddened by the news because Traylor was such a pleasant presence in their organization.  Traylor had been playing professional basketball in Puerto Rico, and their coach said the fans LOVED him.

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