Joe JohnsonIn the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers are favored to come out of the Western Conference yet again.  However, they have not looked good lately.  They’ve lost 2 road games this past week, and were hoping to avoid a third against Atlanta.  Well, the Hawks came out strong behind a very strong performance from Joe Johnson (25 points).  Kobe had a nice game with 28 points, but his team just doesn’t look championship caliber.  The Hawks took an easy home win, and the Lakers lose their 3rd road game in a week.  The Lakers need to get it together.  Atlanta 109, LA Lakers 92.

And in Cleveland, the Cavaliers are trying to close out the regular season with some team jelling wins.  They want to head into the playoffs fully dominant and fully confident.  They would need to beat the red-hot Bucks though, who are currently surging with the mantra “Fear The Deer”.  Well, LeBron wasn’t afraid and almost finished with a triple-double.  The game was close until the very end, but LeBron stole a key pass to seal the deal.  He was about to do a cool dunk, but was nudged by the Bucks Luke Ridnour.  Cleveland 101, Milwaukee 98.

Finally, in the NBA, the young Oklahoma City Thunder visited the Boston Celtics.  The Celtics have jumped back into contender mode, playing tighter defense.  But, the Thunder look seriously ready for the playoffs.  They’re jelling at just the right time, and should be feared in the first round.  Well, Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City sure weren’t afraid of the Celtics.  Durant had 37 points, which is his 40th game this season scoring 30 or more points.  These guys are for real.  Lets hope they don’t have a meltdown in the playoffs.  Oklahoma City 109, Boston 104.

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