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In the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats tried to complete a franchise first yesterday against the New Orleans Hornets:  Make the playoffs.  Charlotte has had a remarkable run this year for a young franchise finally getting it all together.  All they needed to do was beat the Hornets — and finally give Bobcat fans a post-season birth.  Well, it wasn’t easy as the Hornets came strong behind an unbelievable night from rookie point-guard Marcus Thornton.  He had 36 points.  But, the second half belonged to Bobcats guard D.J. Augustin.  He went off from 3-point land to edge out the Hornets and send the Bobcats to the playoffs.  Charlotte 104, New Orleans 103.


Curtis GrandersonAnd in baseball, it was time to decide the first series winner between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.  Sox took the first, Yanks the second, and Game 3’s winner can really set the tone for the season.  Well, the game needed extra innings, but then up to the plate steps new Yankee center-fielder Curtis Granderson (acquired from the Tigers in the off-season).  He smacked a home run shot in the 10th inning to give the Yankees the tone-setting win.  New York 3, Boston 1.


Finally, today is the big day:  Tiger Woods will once again compete.  This is a new, post-rehab, post-dramatic press conference Tiger Woods, but it’s still Tiger Woods.  Woods was more candid with journalists this week, telling them he would prefer if they stopped bothering the other golfers about it.  It affects their focus, he said, and they shouldn’t do it anymore.  Also, if you’re watching, look for a very controversial NIKE commercial featuring the voice of Tiger’s father, Earl.  Nike had to go in SOME direction after this big paparazzi maelstrom, and this is what they chose.  Look for it — should air just about every 10 minutes.

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