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In college basketball, the West Virginia Mountaineers are gearing up for the their first final four since 1959 (when Jerry West, NBA’s logo, played for them).  They were hoping their star point guard, Daryl “Tuck”Bryant would be able to join them, but it appears that he is “highly unlikely” to play, Coach Huggins said.  Bryant was wearing a special shoe, hoping to relieve the pain from the injury, but he still is unable to practice.  Joe Mazzulla will start in his place, and hopefully continue the Mountaineers exciting run in the tourney.


Tiger WoodsIn golf, Tiger Woods has announced his return for The Masters.  And it looks like those sponsors who stuck by his side during this affair are ready for it.  Upper Deck will sell Tiger based memorabilia, like his signature red shirt, and there is talk that Nike has a Tiger Woods commercial in the works.  Tiger’s “Perfect Athlete” image has taken a hit, but clearly these brands feel he still has value.  His moral image may be tarnished, but, they assume, he hasn’t lost any athletic skill.  Let’s see if the gamble pays off.


And in the NFL, former San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson spoke of his new role with the New York Jets.  He said they can expect a much better performance than they saw in San Diego.  Tomlinson had 2 lackluster seasons with the Chargers, which led to his release.  But in a press conference yesterday, Tomlinson said that people shouldn’t believe everything they see on game film. He said the Chargers had moved to a passing offense, and didn’t run the ball as much.  Plus, the offensive lineman were blocking for a pass attack, which does not favor running back productivity.  And he lost his best fullback, which is the player who clears a path for the running back to pick up yardage.  If Tomlinson is right about this, then the Jets certainly inherited an extremely valuable asset.

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