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Well, March Madness drew to a close last night.  It was the National Championship between the underdog Butler Bulldogs and the mighty Duke Blue Devils.  Duke was heavily favored, but with college basketball, you never know.  They call it Madness for a reason.

Gordon HaywardDuke jumped out to a big lead quick, but Butler instantly came back.  From that point on, it was a back and forth battle until the half.  Then, in the second half, Butler led for a while, but Duke then pulled out to a five point lead, and kept Butler from scoring down the stretch.  But Butler did come back and at the right time.  They drew the game within one point, and had a chance to win because they had possession with the shot clock turned off.  They got it into the hands of their best player, Gordon Hayward. He would have a chance to win it at the buzzer just as he won the state championship in High School.  He dribbled, spun, and launched up a shot, but it was no good.  Rebound Duke.

Butler instantly fouled, and sent Duke to the line for 2 shots, and up by 1.  They hit the first, then intentionally missed the second thinking the clock would run out.  But, Hayward got the rebound with three seconds left, dribbled to half court and heaved up a shot.  Everybody was waiting with baited breath as the ball hit the backboard, then bounced off the front of the rim.  It barely missed… but it did.  And with that, the Duke Blue Devils have their fourth National Championship.  But let it be known that Butler did not lose the game, Duke WON the game.  Both teams played impeccable basketball, and Duke just wound up on top at the end.  It’s now a historic match that will be replayed on ESPN Classic.  Congrats to both teams.  Duke 61, Butler 59.

And in some news from the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks have had a magical season, but they received some bad news yesterday about their future.  Their star center Andrew Bogut was seriously injured on one play.  He had surgery yesterday, and now it appears he will be out for a year.  Prior to this, the Bucks were going by the slogan “Fear The Deer”, meaning they felt they could beat any team.  Without Bogut, however, they could quickly get bounced from the first round.  He was a both a big scorer and defensive stopper for Milwaukee.  Good luck to “The Deer”.

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