NBA Playoff Update, IMG Academy Sells For $1.25B, 40 Plus Colorado Players Enter Transfer Portal


The Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets moved on to the second round, while the New York Knicks won its first playoff series in ten years. The Knicks will play the Heat (who moved on after the Bucks blew a big lead).

Still battling it out are the Warriors vs Kings and the Grizzlies vs Lakers and the Celtics vs Hawks.


IMG Academy (which focuses on churning out star athletes) sold for $1.25 billion. IMG will join a global network of boarding schools giving them access to the best athletes from all over the world.


Former football star, known as “Prime Time”, Deion Sanders is already shaking things up as coach of the Colorado Buffaloes (which went 1-11 last season) by unloading out a stunning number of current players. More than 40 players have already entered the transfer portal opening up spots for Sander’s recruits.

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