Heat/Warriors Win Game 1, Curry Graduates Davidson, Women’s Soccer Achieves Equality


Thanks to Jimmy Butler’s 41 points, the Miami Heat turned around a bad first half to grab a decisive game 1 over the Boston Celtics. Miami 118, Celtics 107

In game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Steph Curry posted 21 points and 12 rebounds to help the Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks 112-87.

Speaking of Curry, the NBA superstar graduated from Davidson College last week. When Curry turned pro in 2009 (after his sophomore season at Davidson), he promised his parents he’d return to graduate. Curry didn’t attend the commencement, but his name was in the program, and now the school can officially retire his jersey (they won’t retire jerseys of players unless they’ve graduated).

The Orlando Magic will get the first pick in the NBA draft, followed by Oklahoma City, Houston, and Sacramento.


After many years of pushing for equal salaries and bonuses, U.S. Women’s soccer has finally achieved its goal, and the new collective bargaining agreements will put the Women’s and Men’s teams on equal footing.


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