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U.S. Women’s Soccer Routs Thailand, Defends Celebrations


U.S. Women’s soccer is creating quite a stir. They not only routed Thailand 13-0 on Tuesday in the World Cup opener but caused some to question their sportsmanship for their celebrations after each goal. Striker Alex Morgan, who scored a record-tying five goals, defended the team ratcheting up the score and said, “we knew that every goal could matter in this group stage game.” Scoring differential does matter in World Cup play as it could be used as a tiebreaker for seeding purposes. As for the excessive celebrating, veteran player Abby Wambach weighed in to say “It’s the World Cup folks. Would you say this about the men? Didn’t think so. For all that have issue with many goals: for some players this is (their) first World Cup goal, and they should be excited. Imagine it being you out there.This is your dream of playing and then scoring in a World Cup. Celebrate.Would you tell a men’s team to not score or celebrate?” For the World Cup Schedule, click here.


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