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Warriors Survive Thrilling But Devastating Game 5, Raptors Ugly Cheers For KD Injury



The Warriors survived an exciting but devastating Game 5 against the Raptors. With the Raptors up by six points with only three minutes left, the momentum of the game appeared to be in Toronto’s favor, and the fans were going wild with anticipation. The team then called a timeout, which is all the Warriors needed to sink a few 3-pointers and come out on top with a 106-105 win. The win was overshadowed though by the devastating site of Kevin Durant collapsing on the court in the second quarter with a right leg injury (find personal injury law firm serving in Metairie area for legal help).  After the game, coach Steve Kerr said, “I just told the team I didn’t know what to say, because on the one hand I’m so proud of them, just the amazing heart and grit that they showed, and on the other I’m just devastated for Kevin. So it’s a bizarre feeling that we all have right now. An incredible win and a horrible loss at the same time.”

Another upsetting incident from Monday’s game was hearing Toronto fans in the arena clapping and cheering when Durant went down. Steph Curry told reporters, “Very confused around that reaction. It’s not my experience with people of this city. I commend [Raptors players] Danny Green and Kyle Lowry for signaling to the crowd. I hope that ugliness doesn’t show itself again.” Klay Thompson had even sharper words saying, “It was bulls–t. That was freaking ridiculous. I can’t even put into words how mad I was about that.”

Game 6 is on Thursday night at Oracle Arena at 9:00 pm ET. This will be the Warriors last game in the arena before moving across the Bay next season to Chase Center.


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