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Harper Wins Home Run Derby With Dad Pitching, Tony Romo Winning Back-to-Back Golf Tournaments


Bryce Harper won the entertaining exhibition Home Run Derby with his father on the mound as his designated pitcher. The Washington Nationals slugger has been with the team since he debuted at 17 years old (he’s now 25), and even with a disappointing season (.214 batting average), he’s expected to cash in as a free-agent after the season.

The All-Star game (Tuesday 7:00 pm ET) between the best players from the American League and the best players from the National League no longer determines home-field advantage in the World Series and is now just a fun exhibition.


CBS announcer and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is showing he’s a versatile athlete. He’s having success on the celebrity golf tour. After winning at Lake Tahoe (his second victory in a row), he refused to accept the $125K check in order to retain his amateur status. He announced he’ll donate the money to a local charity instead.

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