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Mayfield’s RV, Darnold Ends Holdout With Jets


HBO’s Emmy winning series, “Hard Knocks” will feature the Cleveland Browns in their quest to improve from 1-31 the last two seasons. Expect the reality series this season to spend time on the competition between Browns’ quarterbacks: #1 pick in the NFL draft Baker Mayfield and veteran Drew Stanton.  The HBO series is popular as it gives a behind the scenes look at training camp with, for the most part, full access to the players and their routines. This season, however, the quarterbacks have parked an RV on site where no one (other than the quarterbacks) are allowed access. Mayfield mentioned the RV was Stanton’s idea as a place to relax and unwind. Even though the RV was designed to only accommodate the quarterbacks, Stanton told reporters some offensive linemen could get “VIP access” (which makes sense as the offensive linemen protect the QB’s all season). Hard Knocks debuts their 14th season on August 7th.

In more training camp news, the Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold ended his holdout (over offset language in his contract) . The #3 pick in the NFL draft reported to camp and will start competing against veterans Josh McCown and  Teddy Bridgewater for the starting job.


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