Pro Bowl Selections, Julia Louise-Dreyfus’ Son Funny


The 2018 Pro Bowl selections are in. The Pro Bowl is a meaningless game played between the AFC and the NFC Conferences now played one week before the Super Bowl.  While the game itself is meaningless, getting selected is a big deal. 44 players from each conference get the nod based on votes from fans, coaches and players.  Some familiar names like Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown, Le’ Veon Bell, and Julio Jones were shoe-ins. For the full list, click here.


Julia Louise-Dreyfus’ son seems to have inherited her comedic talents. Charlie Hall, is a walk-on for Northwestern’s basketball team. After he made his first point, he celebrated by posting a picture of his one point next to Wilt Chamberlain’s famous photo showing his 100 points.

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