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Goodell Will Remain Commissioner Till 2024, Rodman’s Trip To Guam


Roger Goodell will remain as the NFL commissioner for at least five more years. He signed an extension to remain commissioner through 2024, and his pay will reportedly be close to $40 million dollars annually.


On former basketball star Dennis Rodman’s recent trip to Guam, he stated he believes North Korea’s Kim Jung Un isn’t interested in bombing the United States and doesn’t want to start a war. He said the Leader is just a “big kid” and they don’t talk politics. He told the media, “I try and stay out of it. I try to just be his friend, and play sports, and that’s my whole thing.  No politics, no nothing about America against North Korea, we don’t talk about stuff like that. To me, he does not want to have war … it may sound like that on the news, but I see that Donald Trump and him … it’s more like two big kids deciding who’s the toughest.” Rodman said he’ll be going back to North Korea soon and has invited Trump to go with him.

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