LeBron And Lonzo’s Matchup, Kerley’s Ghosts Of Christmas Past


LeBron James wowed the crowd on Thursday night posting his 59th career triple-double against the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Lakers also had a solid night with 13 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds from Lonzo Ball and a helpful 26 points from Brandon Ingram. Unfortunately for the LA,  that wasn’t enough to fend off the might Cleveland Cavaliers. The most talked about part of the game was after the buzzer when LeBron searched out Lonzo for a quick chat. LeBron pulled up his jersey so no one could understand what he was saying to the famous Ball brother, and both players refused to reveal the conversation in post-game interviews. Lonzo grew up idolizing LeBron, and LeBron seems to have taken a liking to the rookie.  To add intrigue, LeBron will be a free agent this summer and there’s talk of where he takes his talents next. Maybe to LA?


In the category of “now we’ve heard it all”, New York Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley actually blamed failing a drug tests on ghosts (specifically ghosts of Christmas past). No joke, he said, ” I don’t know, a lot of ghosts around here. Ghost put it in. You know the ghost of Christmas past.”

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