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NBA Postseason Rankings Set, Carmelo Meets With Jackson, Marshawn’s Airport Fiasco


The NBA regular season ended Wednesday night the and the playoff seeds are set. The Boston Celtics secured the #1 seed while the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the #2 seed in the East. The Golden State Warriors had the #1 seed wrapped up in the West for awhile now with the San Antonia Spurs grabbing the #2 seed. The post-season begins this weekend. For more on the matchups, click here.

Now that the New York Knicks season is over, rumors continue to fly on whether the organization will trade Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has two years left on his $124 million 5 year contract. Carmelo will meet with coach Phil Jackson to discuss options, but admitted it was “hard to trust” Jackson because he was openly critical of him this season. He said, “If somebody was talking bad about you indirectly at your job, what would you do? You would feel a certain way. You would want that person to come straightforward with you.”


Everyone knows of the United Airlines fiasco this past week, but Marshawn Lynch had his own airport pr disaster when he slapped a phone out of a teenagers hand trying to get an autograph from him. To make matters even worse, he walked back to the teenagers and spit at them. For a guy trying to end his retirement and get hired by a new team (the Oakland Raiders), disrespecting fans is not exactly the best way to ingratiate yourself to management.

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