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South Carolina Wins Women’s NCAA Title, Gonzaga and North Carolina Face Off Tonight, TV Viewer Changes Outcome In Golf


It was bound to happen eventually and on Friday it did. The mighty UConn women’s basketball team finally lost. After an historic 111 win streak, UConn lost to Mississippi State in an exciting buzzer beater sending Mississippi State to the Finals. On Sunday, South Carolina ended Missisissippi State’s euphoria with a big 67-55 win to bring home the NCAA Title. All eyes were on South Carolina’s coach Dawn Staley as the NCAA Title eluded her when she was a college player. It was also South Carolina’s first NCAA Title. Congrats.

In the men’s Final Four tourney, #1 Gonzaga beat South Carolina on Saturday and #1 North Carolina beat Oregon. The two #1’s will face each other Monday night in the NCAA Finals. This is Gonzaga’s first appearance ever in a National Title Game. The excitement starts at 9:20 pm tonight.


In an odd twist over the weekend, 22 year old Lexi Thompson lost her 3 shot lead in the ANA Inspiration tournament on Sunday after a TV viewer sent in a video complaint showing her misplace a ball by 1 inch on the 17th green.  On Sunday, officials approached Thompson with the news that she was penalized 2 points for the misplaced ball and another 2 point stroke penalty for improperly signing her scorecard. Incredibly, she didn’t let the news rattle her, but it wasn’t enough for her to win. Social media erupted with fans expressing their outrage that a TV viewer could weigh in and change the course of a tournament. Even Tiger Woods wrote on Twitter, “Viewers at home should not be officials wearing stripes.”

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