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Kanter Broke Arm Punching Chair, Disarray For Bulls, Coach K Bans Team From Locker Room


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Enes Kanter broke his arm after punching a chair on the team bench because he was frustrated with his play. You can imagine how frustrated he is (and the team is) now, as he’ll be out 6-8 weeks. The Thunder could really suffer without Kanter.  He records 14.6 points per game, the third highest scorer on the team.

The Chicago Bulls seem to have some bad blood in the locker room. Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler publicly admonished the young guys on the team for not bringing their “A” game. Veteran Rajan Rondo then posted a long tirade on instagram criticizing Wade and Butler for not acting like leaders.  It is always amazing to me why any player would share disfunction between players on social media for the public to see. Some things should just stay in the locker room.

Duke Basketball 2And, speaking of locker rooms, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is home recovering from back surgery, but is still making his presence known. After the team recently lost to North Carolina State (for the first time in 22 years), Coach K banned them from entering their locker room and from wearing school apparel. Apparently the punishments will last until the team starts “living up to the standards of the Duke program”.

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