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Hernandez Submits Tattoos As Evidence In Murder Trial, Pacific Pro Football League


Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez, former New England Patriots tight end, is facing a double murder trial, and in an unusual twist will have to submit his tattoos as evidence. The tattoos on Hernandez hand show guns and the saying “God forgives”. Hernandez isn’t required to take the stand to defend himself, but the prosecution can ask Hernandez to explain his tattoos. Once on the stand, they can then ask him any questions in order to unravel his story.

A new developmental league (think professional football minor league) is hoping to launch in 2018. The idea is to give athletes who aren’t eligible yet to compete in the NFL (age concerns) the option to play in a league where they can get experience and make money. Most athletes would still likely prefer to remain in college, get an education and compete on a high profile stage, but if the league works out as intended, it could provide options for players unable to go or uninterested in college. The Pacific Pro Football League would comprise 4 teams in Southern California competing during July and August.

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