Ryan Fitzpatrick Signs With Jets, Chapman’s Impressive Cubs’ Debut


Ryan FitzpatrickThe month long stalemate between the New York Jets and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is finally over. With their deadline approaching, the Jets offered Fitzpatrick $12 million for one year fully guaranteed deal. Fitzpatrick missed the offseason but coaches believe he’ll be ready by opening day. Geno Smith will remain Fitzpatrick’s backup.


There was no chance the Chicago Cubs were going to lose to the White Sox in Wednesday nights 8-1 route, but the sell-out crowd didn’t leave the stadium as they saw newly acquired reliever Aroldis Chapman about to step on the mound. The fans were not disappointed with Chapman’s debut. He took out the next 3 batters with fastballs clocked at 101, 102, and 103 mph. Chapman is considered one of the best closers in baseball but the Cubs were criticized for making the trade with the Yankees. Chapman was accused of domestic abuse back in October of 2015. No arrests or charges were brought against him but he was suspended for 30 games as fired 8 gunshots in his garage the night of the incident and police were summoned to his home.

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